Special Events

With monthly special events we have guest speakers from various backgrounds and experience. Through interesting courses and instructors we seek to provide you with a rigorous experience that ultimately changes your perspective on real estate. 

We are happy to annouce our next event that will start on May 5 and carry on for 5 weeks into June. The classes will start at 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM on Saturdays and Sundays located at our offices in 33 Ferry St, South River, NJ. The class is $399.99 whcich includes all textbooks and all of the knowledge and guidance our team has to offer. 

Real Estate Academy Group is tuly a step ahead of the rest because we care about helping you succeed. Our staff will not only impart valuable market skills but also help you find a lasting career full of excitement and hard work. 

May 5 Guest Speaker                                                 More Events Coming Soon!
9:30AM- 4:30 PM